The Best Plants For Erosion Control

Plants that Protect

We all know that plants are an important part of your property. Not only do they provide a beautiful landscape that adds to the value and overall look of your home, but they also help the local wildlife. But did you know that certain plants are great for protecting your property from erosion?

We’re giving you a list of plants that will not only look good, but protect your yard and home as well! Let’s get planting.

The Trouble with Erosion

Erosion is when topsoil becomes loose, slips, and moves because of excessive rainfall and watering. Once the soil becomes over-saturated with water, it can no longer absorb it and instead, the water runs off to lower ground.

As you can imagine, this could have a significant impact on whatever is sitting atop of your soil, including your home’s structure. As the topsoil shifts and moves out from under the structure, it can cause:

  • Tilting
  • Wall buckling
  • Curving floors
  • Foundation disruption and weakening

Erosion can also cause a change to your yard’s landscaping over time, creating overwatered patches and creating a mess with the run-off soil.

Erosion Control Foliage

Keep your home’s foundation and your garden safe, yet still beautiful with the help of one or more of the following plants.

Creeping Junipers

This evergreen bush loves the sun but is not afraid of the cold! They stay relatively short, meaning you will not have to worry about mowing or trimming them very often. Their stubborn presence will also help keep weeds and other unwanted plants from growing. Lastly, and the reason you’re reading this: their ability to spread out and plant roots make them great choices for erosion control on sloped grounds.


If you’re looking for a plant with a gorgeous flowering season, the forsythia will make you very happy come springtime! Their yellow buds will brighten up any yard and protect it in the meantime. Shrubs like this are known for stronger roots which are great for water absorption. The low hanging branches also sprout roots, creating a sort of web-like cover over the ground to keep your soil in its place.

Creeping Myrtle

If you’re less of a green thumb and are a little worried about keeping your erosion control plants alive, consider creeping myrtle for your yard. They do well in the shade, on sloped land, and can survive long periods of time without water, yet will soak it all up when that heavy rainfall hits and tries to erode your topsoil. They also boast beautiful purple flowers.


Ferns are equipped with a unique underground, horizontal stem system called rhizomes. This gives them the ability to spread across an area and create a solid system that will keep soil in place throughout watering and rainfall. Ferns also thrive in the shade and will do well on that shaded wall next to your home while adding a bit of pretty greenery to the yard.

Erosion Control from the Experts

If you’re ready to get control of the soil on your property, contact Supreme Enterprises LLC for our erosion control services. We can provide drainage solutions and landscaping that you’ll love and that will keep your home’s structure safe. Give us a call at !



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