Property Improvement Projects That Require Excavation

When you hear the term “excavation,” the first association that comes to mind is probably a dig for fossils or archaeological artifacts. While the process of unearthing tombs and dinosaur bones does require some earth removal, significant home and property improvements can also involve excavation.

If you’re attempting any of these projects below, make sure you involve a skilled excavation crew.

Landscaping and Hardscaping

terraced yard

When landscaping your property, often, you’ll need to prepare the area before establishing garden beds and building hardscaping. For that initial land preparation, you’ll need an excavation company. The crew will grade the land (or terrace it, if required), and they will also remove the dirt from the site or set it aside for you to use later. A professional crew will also be crucial if you plan to install a large pond or watering system.

Installing an Inground Pool or Jacuzzi

Unless you want a wading pool, your inground swimming pool needs to be deep. For a jacuzzi, you want to be able to immerse yourself up to the shoulders. Digging on your own with a shovel will take ages, and you can risk injuring yourself and damaging your property by using construction machinery with which you’re unfamiliar.

Instead, hire excavation pros to do the “heavy digging” for you. They will make the main hole for your pool, and then your pool builder will level the land where necessary before laying down the concrete or fiberglass.

Installing Drainage

Good drainage not only prevents standing water in your yard–it also prevents excessive runoff, erosion, and damage to your home’s foundation. A professional excavation service can dig the necessary holes and trenches for your property’s drainage system. Ideally, you will want to work with a company that specializes in both drainage and excavation for the smoothest installation process possible.

Repairing or Constructing a Foundation

Expert excavation is critical to foundation construction and repair. Before laying a foundation, you need to dig out space for it first. When repairing a foundation, you often must excavate the earth around the foundation to get to the section that’s cracked or crumbling.

Replacing a Septic System

It’s usually a bad idea to install elaborate landscaping close to your home’s septic tank. When it comes time to do a major septic tank repair or replacement, the excavation crew will have to dig up the area above and around the tank to access it and its pipes. If your septic tank is leaking, this is some digging you do not want to do on your own. Just remember there’s never any shame in hiring an expert.

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