Ways To Bring Your Property To Life This Summer

Warmer weather means you, your family, and guests may want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

You’ll want to make both the inside and outside of your home feel like summer.

Prepare for Summer Storms

Just because the weather is heating up, doesn’t mean you can forget about the unexpected summer storms that could roll in.

Weather in the 90s or even triple digits can still be accompanied by the common thunderstorms and may occasionally turn into a rare tornado.

Preparing your property includes having a proper drainage solution. Drainage solutions can help prevent puddling on your lawn, making it more enjoyable to spend time outside during the summer.

Complete the Summer Maintenance Checklist

When summer rolls around, there are many things that you may need to do that may be specific to your property.

Creating a list to complete every year may help ensure that you are ready for any summer parties and barbecues.

Some things to consider include:

  • Inspecting the exterior of your home for any rotting

  • Checking surrounding property for signs of erosion

  • Inspecting any outdoor furniture or play equipment

  • Fixing or reinforcing any damaged fencing on your property line

  • Complete pool maintenance

  • Clean grills or outdoor kitchen areas

  • Adjust your irrigation systems schedule

  • Check sprinklers for any leaks

  • Clean your gutters

  • Get your lawn ready

  • Look for any leaks throughout the property

  • Inspect your deck and clean your porch

  • Inspect the roof

  • Preventative pest control

  • Prepare and stock the storm shelter

Don’t Forget About Inside

You should also prepare the inside of your home for summer. Sometimes that means decorating or bringing summer inside with flowers from the garden.

Consider adding these inside items to your checklist:

  • Have AC checked, repaired or serviced

  • Clean windows inside and out

  • Clean out the dryer vent

  • Make up the guest rooms for any visitors

  • Check smoke detectors

  • Pull back curtains or open blinds to let the sun in

Clean the Pool

Your pool may be one of the most used spots on your property during the summer. Keeping it clean is important to its plumbing system and the health of those swimming in it.

If it was covered up for the winter and even for parts of spring, it may need a quick cleaning before it can be used.

During the summer, your pool collects leaves, pollen, and other debris that will be filtered out by your pool filter.

Once a week, consider turning the pool filter off and cleaning out all the particles it has collected, this will help it work efficiently all summer long.

Check Patio Furniture

Whether the patio furniture has sat out all winter and spring or is tucked away in storage, it is time to get it ready for the warm weather.

It may be tanning, or just visiting when guests come around, but either way, the chairs, tables, umbrellas, and more will get a lot of use when the weather permits.

Consider spraying them down with water or even refinishing them to give them a fresh look and help bring your property to life.

Preparing Summer Tools

You’ll want to keep your property pretty during summer to make a good first impression on any guests.

This means getting out the lawnmower and making sure it’s ready to complete the work.

It may also include getting out the smaller tools such as shovels, hoes, rakes, and garden tools.

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