Does My Property Need A Drainage Solution?

If you’re suddenly feeling like you could go swimming in the pool or lake that appeared outside your home after a rainstorm, then your property may need a drainage solution.

May is Kentucky’s wettest month of the year, with a rainfall average of 5.3 inches, making it common for property owners to have flooding on their land.

A couple of puddles across your acre of land can seem like a minor problem, but if the rainstorms get bigger, so do the puddles. Eventually, if the water is not drained off your property properly, it can cause problems to the integrity and safety of your home’s foundation and the land surrounding it.

Detecting a Drainage Issue

Even if you already have a drainage system, you know standing water on your lawn or in your home can draw in pests and cause damages. But most importantly it is an indication of drainage problems.

Some warning signs that may indicate a drainage issue include:

  • Gullies in your landscape

  • Mulch in places it doesn’t belong

  • Wetness in a crawl space

  • Discolored carpet near an exterior wall

  • Water ponding on patios, sidewalks, or driveways

  • Water in the garage when it rains

  • Sticking windows

  • Water stains in a basement

  • Cracks in the foundation

  • Mildew in an attic

  • Musty odors

Why Should Implement A Drainage Solution?

There are several reasons why your water on your property is not draining properly.

Even the tiniest slopes on your property or near your home can determine how water drains and where it goes.

Although it may seem like the water is harmless, it can cause issues indoors and out.

It can cause severe damage to the foundation of your home if not taken care of properly. It also can drown your landscaping, invite in mosquitos and other pests attracted to standing water, and can cause mold to grow.

Leaving standing water to sit can cause musty smells that can be unpleasant to you, your family, and any visitors.

Call the Professionals

If you have noticed any damage or signs of drain issues on your property, call a professional to help install the best drainage solution to fit your needs.

This is crucial to protect your home for the rainy season this year and years to come.

Supreme Enterprises LLC, are experts within Benton, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas and can provide top-notch assistance in drainage solutions. Call us at for all your drainage and excavation needs!

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