4 Ways To Improve Your Property

Spruce Up Your Land

There are many responsibilities that come with owning property, including taking care of the landscape. An unsightly old structure, a staggering amount of brush, or a polluted lake can make your property look disheveled, make it harder for wildlife to live in, and can keep you from utilizing your land to its full potential.

The team at Supreme Enterprises LLC are experts when it comes to clearing and improving properties around Benton and the surrounding areas. Read on for some of our favorite ways you can improve your property and how we can help do so.

Demolish Unwanted Structures

You might have big plans for your land, whether it be a new structure, a garden, or an outdoor seating area, but you find there is not enough space on your property to complete these projects. That old barn or shed has been around for years and simply does not serve a purpose for your family anymore may be to blame here.

By demolishing the old, unwanted, and unsightly structure, you’ll have a clean slate to begin building the project you’ve been dreaming of.

Demolition work should never be completed without the help of a professional. The experts know which machinery to use and how to use them safely, and the right team will do their best to get the results you need in an efficient and safe manner.

Clean Out the Water

That mucky, polluted lake or pond on your land has certainly seen better days. Restore it to its former glory with dredging. Dredging removes accumulated sediment from the bottoms and sides of bodies of water. These services can help:

  • Increase water depth.
  • Keep your dock in the water year-round.
  • Maintain a healthy ecosystem and preserve aquatic life.
  • Remove debris, trash, and pollutants.
  • Create or open waterways.

Protect Your Lawn

A sloped lawn is in danger of erosion. Erosion can cause a whole host of problems that will negatively affect your property:

  • Exposed rocks or plant roots
  • Ponding water on patios and paths
  • Wetness in a crawl space
  • A weakened building foundation
  • Balding patches of grass

There are multiple ways to combat erosion on a sloped and flat lawn. Drainage solutions such as french drains and depressed rain gardens will collect water and bring it away from your grass.

If you want to take your erosion problem and turn it into something beautiful, there are several types of plants that are great at combating erosion. These include small shrubs, creeping junipers, and ferns.

Clear Away the Brush

Sometimes we can grow accustomed to the piles of brush that seem to accumulate as we tackle overgrown bushes and trees. Keeping the pile there may seem harmless, but other than being an unattractive sight, it can also cause problems.

Rodents and small wildlife are always searching for an untouched, warm, and covered space to make their nests. This makes a large pile of brush the ideal spot for them to settle down. If the pile of brush is close enough to your home, soon the rodents might begin to break into your warm and dry home, especially during the winter months.

So do yourself a favor, and call in the experts to remove that big stack from your backyard!

Let Us Help Your Property

The team at Supreme Enterprises LLC is equipped with the experience and knowledge to tackle any project your property may need. From dredging to demolition and excavation to drainage solutions, we have you covered. Give us a call at to discuss your project, or visit us online to get to know our services.

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